"We Believe God."

Bishop Larry & Elect Lady Rosetta Jefferson

1975 - Present

The late M.C. and Queen Esther Jones founded the Faith Memorial Church in 1975.  Rev. and Queen Esther Jones also started a citywide
5:00am prayer meeting in the DFW Metroplex; people were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in those meetings. The person who would eventually be the Pastor of the Faith Memorial Church would also visit the 5:00am prayer meeting.

The Faith Memorial Church was located on Edgemont Street, in Oak Cliff-Dallas, Texas, in a renovated wood frame house. In early spring of
1979 the church was relocated to Linfield Street in Dallas to another wood framed house. During this time Elder Jones said that God was leading him and his wife to travel and start other churches. They in turn called Bishop Larry Jefferson to oversee the church until permanent leadership could be established.

Elder Jefferson was at the time a full time traveling evangelist on the national circuit. With the advice of Elder Edward Calloway and his blessing, Elder Jefferson, Rosetta and the boys accepted the call. After serving the Faith Memorial Church for one year and experiencing some membership growth, Elder Jefferson was asked and unanimously voted to become the permanent Pastor of the Faith Memorial Church.

In March 1981, Elder Jefferson was officially appointed Bishop to the Faith Memorial Church of God in Christ by Bishop J.N. Haynes, Overseer of the Texas Northeast 1 st Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ. From 1980 to 1990, Bishop Jefferson and the FMC Family grew as well as our family in 1983 we were bless with a beautiful baby girl.  We named her Fayth.

In the summer of 1990, Bishop Roy Lee Smith showed Bishop Jefferson pictures of a beautiful brick church located on Boulder Drive in Dallas and Bishop Jefferson agreed to buy the church on the spot. He knew it was the leading of God, because (1) the church was looking to relocate and (2) the gift of faith began to work in Bishop Jefferson. This is the way God uses Bishop Jefferson when He sends him to do exploits that he can’t do without God. That is also why the church was named Faith Memorial. So by faith, Bishop and Sis. Jefferson led the congregation to the Boulder Dr. location. This beautiful church sat 250 people and was in excellent condition. The church membership grew at that location also. The building was enlarged, the parking lot was paved and the house and land next to the church was purchased for ministry.

In September 2002, Sis. Jefferson got word from a young lady that she helped and mentored at El Centro College where she was the secretary of the Communication Department that the church at 1900 South Ewing Avenue was going to be sold and that the congregation in it was moving to a new location. The young lady was a member of Full Gospel Holy Temple Church. The building was grand is an understatement for the will and purpose of God. When Bishop Jefferson and Sis. Jefferson toured the church, the gift of faith worked for them again, and on February 28, 2003 they received the keys to the church.

For the next nine years the church grew and produced more followers of the gospel. Since he was a young boy, Omar Jahwar studied and served alongside his father and mother. In 2012 after consecration and prayer, Bishop Jefferson and Elect Lady were led by the Holy Spirit to pass the torch on to their son and he was installed as Pastor Omar Jahwar over the Faith Memorial Church.  Soon after in that same year, the Holy Spirit impressed upon Pastor Jahwar and First Lady Jahwar to rename the church Kingdom Worship and Restoration (W.A.R) Church.
First Lady Jahwar carries on a vital tradition of the ministry through the Kingdom W.A.R prayerline five days a week from 6-6:30am.  She is the
co-founder of Models of Merit (M.O.M) an organization setup to assist, mentor, highlight and connect empowering women. She also began ‘Outside of these Walls’ for women outreach and motivation, bring about change.

Pastor Jahwar is an exceptional, gifted preacher (Pastor), dynamic speaker, outspoken leader, community activist and youth advocate that has traveled nationally and internationally doing the work God has called him to do. We are blessed to have a Pastor and Wife who understands that Kingdom Building requires a universal vision. Our Pastor is recognized locally and internationally as a “Gang Interventionist”, a Congressional Speaker on grassroots solutions to youth crime, spearheaded the first gang truce in Dallas between Crips and Bloods, has founded several non-profit organizations which address urban culture to offer change and hope in the community (Vision Regeneration, Urban Specialist, God Must Matter).

The members of Kingdom Worship and Restoration Church are honored and considered ourselves blessed to have Pastor and Lady Jahwar as our leaders. It is our prayer that God continues to bless and increase their territory.